The ParetoHealth Captive for Fully Insured Employers
Oct 4 | 2:00PM ET or Oct 25 | 2:00PM ET
Nov 1 | 2:00PM ET or or Nov 8 | 2:00PM ET
Intended Audience: Employer

There’s a reason why large companies self-insure their health benefits - it saves money. ParetoHealth makes self-funding possible for midsized employers, lowering costs and reducing the usual risk and volatility of self insurance. ParetoHealth Members enjoy complete flexibility in selecting a TPA, plan design, and network and they gain transparency into their claims so they manage costs going forward. Now is the time for a smarter benefits strategy. Join this live webinar to learn more

The ParetoHealth Captive for Self-Funded Employers
Oct 18 | 2:00PM ET
Nov 15 | 2:00PM ET or Nov 29 | 2:00PM ET
Dec 6 | 2:00PM ET or or Dec 13 | 2:00PM ET
Intended Audience: Employer

ParetoHealth offers employers a better way to do self-funding, affording access to the industry’s strongest stop-loss contract, the guarantee of no new lasers, and exclusive cost-management options. Why wait? Moving to ParetoHealth couldn’t be easier, with the flexibility for employers to keep their current TPA, plan design, and network. Join this live webinar to learn more.

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