Disrupting a broken healthcare system

The status quo isn't cutting it. Most brokers offer just two methods of health insurance: fully-insured plans, where employers often pay for more coverage than they need; or self-insured plans, where employers are left to grapple with large claims and unpredictability. Neither option addresses a mid-sized client's biggest challenges. That's where captive insurance comes in.

Group Captives — Changing the Face of Healthcare Delivery

What makes captive insurance
a superior solution?

Where fully-insured and self-insured healthcare falls short, captive insurance covers all the bases. Pareto’s captives introduce a cooperative twist to the traditional self-insured model by leveraging strength in numbers to support employers going through tough times.​

Captives, Explained

Who, what, how, and why (and why now), in layman’s terms.

Giving Brokers the Advantage

Vetted broker partners see significant business growth and enjoy high retention rates.


Why Pareto?

Pareto Health is a leading employee benefit group captive manager that helps mid-sized businesses self-fund and access high-quality health benefits with greater savings and lower volatility. With over $500M in stop-loss premium under management, 325,000 lives covered, over 1,300 active employers, and a 97% retention rate, we are uniquely positioned to help your clients adopt smart, sustainable, multi-year strategies to optimal healthcare delivery.

  • 5 Reasons Brokers Partner with Pareto
    5 Reasons Brokers Partner with Pareto

    It's not just employers who benefit from Pareto's programs; brokers have a lot to gain from becoming an exclusive partner.

  • By the Numbers
    By the Numbers

    Our model works. Check out our track record.


Customer Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Meet Pareto Health captive members who have taken control of their healthcare costs.

Case Studies
A $300,000 Savings (in Year One Alone)

Aggressive implementation of preventive healthcare programs saved this non-profit from potentially going out of business.

Better Benefits, Better Rates (Lasers and All)

Frustrated with ever-rising costs in a fully-insured plan, this construction company found themselves paying less for a higher volume of claims in a group captive.

Shouldering High-Value Claims (and $1.5M Saved)

High-value claims are the bane of self-insured healthcare, but this fintech company mitigated their overall healthcare costs through a custom plan.


“We’ve been able to design our plans in a way that supports our employees and their needs, while at the same time spending the company’s benefit dollars wisely.”

Kat Tarver, Human Resources Manager, Foresight Group

“We didn’t really have to cut anything out. You actually have more control than you do when you go… with a fully funded plan. Under this plan, you get to choose what you’re going to cover.”

Todd Camp, Superintendent, Metropolitan School District

“It literally changed the way people thought about healthcare, and I can’t emphasize enough the positive feedback as an employer.”

Drew Meyerowich, Chief Operating Officer, Holland 1916

“I am convinced every meeting that they’re on the leading edge of healthcare cost containment, and really… the unsung hero.”

Tom Schultz, Chief Financial Officer, CGR Products

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How Group Captives Reduce Risk and Healthcare Costs

Set yourself apart from your competition with a solution that makes self-insurance possible for mid-sized clients, reduces volatility, curtails the cost of employee healthcare, promises no new lasers, and delivers on a 30% renewal rate cap.

Mar 3
| 11:30AM ET
Better Healthcare Benefits for You, Your Employees, and Your Bottom Line

Looking for greater control over healthcare costs and coverage? Want to meet and exceed your employees’ healthcare benefit needs? Join us for an introduction to Pareto’s total health benefits solution, with Fortune 500-level cost management made available for mid-sized employers.

Mar 10
| 11:30AM ET
Tackling Rising Healthcare Costs: The Price of Prematurity

In 2014, there was an average of one infant born with neonatal abstinence syndrome every 15 minutes in the U.S., accounting for $563 million in healthcare that year alone. Join us for a high-level overview on how the Progeny/Pareto partnership can help you save on this type of catastrophic claim.

Mar 16
| 11:30AM ET
Disrupting the Status Quo of Rx

Specialty drug costs are outpacing the already high medical claims cost trend at alarming rates of 12-20%. Discover how to access a 10-25% reduction in Rx spend with Pareto Health and eliminate the conflict of interest in typical pharmacy benefit manager contracts. (NDA not required.)

Available On-Demand
Containing Costs with Pareto Health

With the cost of medical and Rx claims rising exponentially, there has never been a better time to learn more about Pareto’s holistic, industry-leading approach to cost management. Join us to 1) save your clients time and money, 2) offer an integrated, turnkey approach that is both easier to implement and more effective, and 3) grow and retain your business. (NDA not required.)

Available On-Demand
Navigating the Third-Party Administrator Marketplace

The success of many cost containment solutions is contingent on the third-party administrator (TPA) partnership. Learn more about Pareto’s core TPAs and turnkey platforms that deliver on price, volume, flexibility, access, and integration. (NDA not required.)

Available On-Demand

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